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Day 1: Culturally Responsive Supervision Presentation

Presenters: Sara I. Taylor BSW, MS, FPA-P, CEO, Positive Steps, Lenora Reid-Rose, MBA, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives, Partnerships, and Community Connectedness at Coordinated Care Services, Inc. (CCSI)

In this session, you will learn why supervision is crucial and the kinds of activities that make supervision effective. By exploring the intersectionality of cultural factors and mental health, participants will better understand how diverse cultural backgrounds impact clients’ behavior and experiences. This knowledge allows supervisors to provide culturally sensitive and effective guidance, fostering trust and rapport with supervisees from different cultural backgrounds. Furthermore, understanding the nuances of cultural competence and racial equity in supervision enhances the ability to create inclusive and supportive environments for both clients and supervisees, ultimately improving the quality of care and professional development.

*This workshop was not recorded.

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