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Carrie Ann Rollier

Carrie Ann Rollier, FPA-C, Director of Training and Workforce Development, Families Together in New York State

Carrie Ann has been a Family Peer Advocate since 2015, first working at a community-based organization and currently with Families Together in New York State since 2022. Her passion for peer support and supporting its workforce is what led to her holding a seat on the Board of Directors for 2 years before accepting the position of Director of Training and Workforce Development at Families Together; leading a team that oversees the credentialing process and training of Family Peer Advocates and Youth Peer Advocates across the state. As a mother of three young adults with Autism, she struggled navigating the complicated children’s systems without support and watched as her children struggled during their childhood without the support and services they deserved. Carrie Ann is dedicated to building an abundant, strong, highly trained Family and Youth Peer workforce throughout the state to support as many families and youth as possible who are experiencing similar challenges.