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HR and Hiring Managers: What You Need to Know When Hiring Peer Specialists Receiving Social Security Benefits

hiring people on SSDI/SSI

Many people who are receiving disability benefits really want to work but fear there may be negative consequences, like losing cash benefits, housing, health insurance, or other entitlements for themselves or their families. When Peer Specialists are making a decision about whether working is right for them, these candidates may not be aware of the options that are available, or how to make the best decision for their situation.

Federal work incentive programs and Social Security benefits advisors can help candidates who are currently receiving disability benefits to decide whether it is better to work part time or full time (or to work at all).

As an HR representative or hiring manager, this webinar can help you to identify resources that you can provide to candidates to learn more about how to make the best choice for their situation.

Why does it matter? Job Satisfaction and Employee Retention

Webinar: Tuesday, November 21, 11-12 pm.

Join Regina Shoen and Christopher Coyle to learn more about what you need to know when hiring Peer Specialists who are receiving Social Security Benefits.