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Inspiration Series Webinar #1

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Learning from Adult, Family, and Youth Peer Supporters

PeerTAC’s first webinar in the summer Inspiration Series features a panel presentation with four accomplished peer support professionals (pictured from left to right):

  • Lynnae Brown, former Director of Howie the Harp Peer Advocacy and Training Center and current Empowerment Coach/Nationally Recognized Consultant
  • Matthew McDonald, former MHA Adult Peer Specialist and current Rutgers Associate for the Academy of Peer Services and PeerTAC
  • Micaela Corazon, current Mental Health Association of Tompkins County (MHATC) Outreach Coordinator and Peer Specialist Supervisor
  • Yvette Pate, current York State Program Director for the National Association of Peer Services (N.A.P.S.)

This webinar series is designed for the leadership and clinical staff in mental health organizations to learn from some of the people who provide Peer Support Services, the services they provide, the supervision they receive, and the added value Peer Support Specialists offer your program. As a clinic leader or member of the clinical staff you will consider how you recruit and hire Peer Support Specialists and new ways to collaborate and partner with peer support staff. 

Inspiration Panel #1: How I Became an Adult Peer Support Specialist 

July 10th, 12:30-1:30pm (EST)

In this session our panelists discuss the power of peer support and what inspired each of them to step into their role as adult Peer Support Specialist, Program Director, and Supervisor. They describe their personal journey from receiving mental health services to becoming providers (and/or supervisors) of Peer Support Services, the transformational work they do, and the added benefits adult Peer Support Specialists can bring to the whole team to enrich overall services. 

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Family Peer Advocates: Tuesday, August 22, 1-2:00 pm

Youth Peer Advocates: Tuesday, September 5, 12-1 pm